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December 30, 2016

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Ryan McTighe brags on Facebook about being wantedFACEBOOK

WANTED: Ryan McTighe has flaunted his status as ‘Festive Fugitive’ on social media

Convicted robber Ryan McTighe even dared to flaunt his status as “Festive Fugitive” by posting on the social-networking site: “I haven’t even committed an offence”.

The shameless 30-year-old has been wanted since May for breaching the terms of his release from jail on temporary licence. He was let out of prison on parole partway through a six-year term for robbery in 2011.

But now McTighe, of Coventry, West Mids., has plastered photos of him at music festivals on Facebook.

Under a local newspaper’s recent Facebook post about wanted criminals, the crook even wrote: “I don’t appreciate being put in the same category as these people when I haven’t even committed an offence.”


BRAGGING: McTighe has shared brazen selfies on Facebook

The heavily-built robber’s Facebook page seems to point to an active social life. It suggests McTighe has enjoyed trips to Cheshire dance festival Creamfields, the Ibiza Carnival in Birmingham and other music gigs.

He’s also posted a string of selfies, including some at the gym.

But West Midlands Police are desperate to find McTighe and other dangerous fugitives who have “been on the run for years”.

In November 2011, businessman and dad-of-two Ali Jawaid was ambushed outside a phone shop in Wyken, Coventry.


FUN: McTighe’s Facebook suggests the robber is enjoying himself at festivals


GYM FANATIC: McTighe seems to spend a lot of time working out

His attackers made off with the van and its £13,000 cargo of phones and accessories.

Two of the gang – Gregg Robertson, who struck the victim across the head with a metal bar, killing him, and Glenroy Blackstock pounced on the tragic dad.

McTighe eventually admitted his role in the deadly robbery after he was arrested some 30 miles away at Birmingham Airport.


JAILED: McTighe was caged for robbery in 2011

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “In the festive period, we are asking for the public’s help to catch a number of most wanted criminals.

“Some of these offenders have been on the run for years and are wanted in connection with serious crimes.

“We are urging anyone who has any clue, no matter how small, to their whereabouts to contact us immediately and in full confidence that we will act on all information that is offered.”

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