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December 6, 2017

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Da Silva, known as “Rogerio 157”, was captured in a slum in northern Rio.

Brazilian authorities have detained one of Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious drug traffickers.

“He was arrested by the police in an integrated operation by police and armed forces in the Arará Park favela”, a spokesman for the security forces said.

The arrest of the man known to most by his nickname “Rogerio 157” came after months of failed attempts.

As the alleged crime boss of the huge Rocinha favela, da Silva was one of the most powerful underworld figures in the 2016 Summer Olympics host city.

Minutes after the arrest of Rogerio 157 Wednesday morning, there were reports of gunfire could be heard in the Rocinha.

The days-long violence in Rocinha resulted in the authorities deploying more than 1,000 officers and soldiers, as well as armored cars and helicopters, to the favela to stop the gang warfare.

“For 10 years, he has been causing problems for Rio de Janeiro“, state security secretary Roberto Sa told reporters.

The crime boss had been particularly high on Brazilian authorities’ most-wanted list since September, when his gunmen engaged in a series of street fights for control of Rocinha against loyalists of a jailed trafficking rival nicknamed “Nem”. A $15,000 reward was offered for information leading to his arrest.

News portal G1 showed video of him handcuffed and being led by police. Some of them took selfies with the suspect. Brazil’s Armed Forces were sent to secure the entrance to the community, while city security forces, patrolling the narrow alleyways, tried to halt the fierce gunfire which erupted killing at least three people and injuring dozens.

Da Silva moved to take complete control of Rocinha and began collecting taxes from Rocinha residents and seizing control of cooking gas distribution, among other economically important activities.

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