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China calls Xinjiang camps training centres, but government's own documents say otherwise …

While China has gone to great lengths to paint its internment camps in ….. Demonstrators later besieged police headquarters in Wan Chai twice in a week ….. went considerably further than making it possible to send a wanted man to …

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Former Chinese official extradited to US on money laundering charges

… who later became one of the country's most wanted fugitives, will be extradited to the … Jianjun Qiao, the former head of a grain storage facility in China, was … Swedish police arrested him in 2018 on a Chinese extradition request.

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NBA player and international fugitive Kanter cheers up Boston protesters

Who is Enes Kanter? Kanter is an avid supporter of the US-based cult leader Gulen and is on Interpol's most–wanted list for terrorism charges. Gulen is a …

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